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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  November 30, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> same storm system bringing rain and maybe thunderstorms to our area today. and it's already causing for a messy morning commute. team cover ramming on what you need to know. >> and donald trump said toe make more announce presidentials today about who is part of administration and the big spot still available secretary of state. clues we're learn about who could land that role of president-elect to keep jobs in the u.s. and now pledges to step away from his business dealings. >> and 7:00 on wednesday morning good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'mte >> lx no "fox 5 news morning". >> a lot of breaking news to get to this hour let's again with the havoc mother nature is wreaking across the south. >> deadly mament of storms dow down south and three killed overnight in alabama and that number rising this morning and tornadoes reportetly ripped through the region. >> in tennessee fire fighters are still battling massive and deadly wildfires although relief by the way of run comes to that area. >> and same storm system in alabama bringing rain to our
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messy and tough chute k annie yu is braving it out for you. first let's check in with erin como for a look the trouble spots right now. erin. >> thank you so much, allison, steve, big problems on the road as we look at live 66 extremely backed up eastbound side maples mill road. as you make your way 234 prince william parkway up to the beltway you are dealing with about a 45 minute delay and delays continue inside the beltway earlier crash by 110 cleared on 66 and but from faiv fairfax traffic at well. westbound side slower than usual help volume lighter and that's because of rain and wet conditions on the road as we forward our camera. sluggish ride on 395 northbound as well as you try to get from the beltway to the 14 street bridge. we're seeing some big delays. there let's go take a look at maps. because in addition to that outer loop is a mess in college park this morning. and earlier crash by old georgetown road had all lanes blocked and moved over to
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continue. let me get out of the way. all the way back to route 1 and two crashes on the shoulders by wisdom martin and connecticut causing big backups on 95 southbound as we as 5 southbound and crash outer loop ramp and across the leemingon bridge "fox5" annie yu i see you're basically parked rights now where you are. tell me about your commute. pretty much, erin, this is route 234 north. we're currently sitting with folks who are trying 6 6 east. it's backed up for mile or so here just off the sutly road. we're starting to see the transition though happening that gary and tucker have been tell you all about as the rain is moving in and we're seeing the dense fog slowly lift. so that's the good news. we're seeing a big difference out here but remember we're still not in the clear even though the fog advisory was just lifted at 7:00 here and we're seeing visibility around quarter of mile in responsible
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morning and earlier today we were in d.c., rockville, certain parts of the beltway near loatheon brij and route 7 in mannasas area. it depends where you are. seeing comments on social media as well for people saying there's slick roads and uming everyone to be careful and that's really the message guys just drive with caution and use common sense driving be light with the foot and keep eyes on the road this morning and lastly, don't forget your headlights. we did see someone with his headlights off. that's we can barely see them in the midst of everything. so please remember to turn on the headlights. back to you in the studio. >> okay. >> annie, thanks. let's get more on deadly storms overnight in alabama. three people killed at least three and four others critically injured after strong storms and possible tornadoes slammed into northeastern alabama. as many as 20 buildings were leveled 24 hour daycare center and shopping plaza that's part of the system moving our way
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vulnerable with tornadoes until 9 this morning. >> and severe weather to parts of that state large hail and six confirmed tornadoes left behind a trail of damage there. >> well, three people died because of wildfires in the state of tennessee. fires destroyed hundreds of homes around the great smoky mountains national park. thousands of people have had to evacuate. the good news is rain is expected to fall today. >> all right let's find out what is happeng look at the forecast, tuck. >> lots going on and fog was an issue overnight and lifting that's good news. the tradeoff is we're getting rain showers moving back in and potential for not only pretty good downpours today but thunderstorms locally. all associated with the same energy that is pushing tornadoes south overnight. 66 washington. up side i feel like i'm done upside down thing.
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almost 70. and baltimore it is 57. visibility is quickly improving here. up to miles in washington. you can still see reduced visibility to the north baltimore and frederick at half mile visibility there and i dense fog add sciencery north and east of us until 8 a.m. this morning here's rain shower activity again moving back into the area it's warm front at this hour and cold front later today and bottom line if forecast we'll keep clouds around. mild temperatures. wa with it you'll feel a lot of energy out there as things swirl and winds pick unand we have possibility of thunderstorms later this afternoon. there you can see south and west lots of rain in tennessee where they need it and unfortunately a big tornado watch box down for mississippi and alabama at this hour. here's the 7 day i'll give it all away early. >> that's what i again russ person does. >> it improves hereby tomorrow. today rocking and rolling weather wise.
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work will leave his business and have a plame or news conference coming up in december about two weeks from now with his children and he'll make that announcement even though she his in tweets he doesn't have to. you you trump did have dinner with massachusetts governor and announces deal with air conditioning company carrier toe keep hundreds of dogs from moving to mexico. >> latest on the transition johns us now, good morning, mel. >> trump team says to expect more announce ms today and big torrey really resolve around secretary of state and we know mitt romney met with trump yesterday for what could be a second job interview or perhaps a no thank you from the second job interview or perhaps a no thank you from the president-elect. is it. >> this may not look like the
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staff breaking bread with mitt romney. >> we have discussion about affairs throughout the world. and this is the second time he met with trump amid speculation that he is being considered for setting of state and despite opposition from many trump supporters. and trump tower in new york meantime parade of job candidates continues and georgia congressman tom price elected health and human app services and steve mnuchin and elaine transportation and all made need approval. >> someone actually ask stewfy was going to recuse myself. let me be quite clear i'll not be recuseing myself. >> trump preparing to head out on victory tore this week with rally plan in ohio tomorrow and another stop in indiana where carrier announce todd keep 1,000 jobs in united states and
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reelection today as house minority leader facing skepticism from some fellow democrats including one tim ryan from ohio who is running against her. you have a new message and guy like me to campaign for us. that thank you tour go t pence will unveil that afwreement with carrier in indiana where pennsylvania is still sitting governor. steve and allison. >> 7:08 now meantime hillary clinton mad a rare public appearance last night and she introduced her supporter one of key supporter katy perry at unicef ball in manhattan. they called her a champion before he received the audrey
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a -- in glen barny last night -- apologies for that. anne arrundel say they responded a call a man had a gun on fern road and when arrived police say at some point the man stepped out of the house and pointed rifle at officers and shots were skaichinged. police say the suspect went back into the home and after talking to negotiators he eventually agreed to surrender. >> let's head back to the district where the man wanted in of 16-year-old girl has turned him sneevrl police. >> brianna mcmillan was shot and killed last friday capitol hill i street 16 years old and police don't believe she was intended target. bob barnard liver from the scene of what happened there. bob what's the latest information? >> well see the latest is that the suspect at least in the shooting not yet charged in bro' an a's murder has turned himself into police.
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identified him as suspect yesterday afternoon at the news conference on the wilson building before 10:00 last night mr. evans turned himself into police he is not charged with murder but is charged of firing a gun at potomac gardens last friday morning before noon and at the time 16-year-old brianna mcmillan was shot and killed. she attend aid boarding school and was home for thanksgiving and police say a gun shots were fired into a group of people intended target and evans was identified as a possible suspect by surveillance video here. >> i can it will you specifically that the video shows sead evans in possession of firing a weapon and is that the what we have been able to confirm at this point. >> evans has a criminal record
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in the district a couple years ago after being accused of firing shots into a crowd of six people and injuring six people during a cookout after he spent nine months in jail guys the charges were ultimately dropped. he was out but now behind bars again this morning. >> bob ob in d.c. thanks. prince william county police investigating a deadly shooting at parking lot near the food hospital. no word on possible motive or suspect although believed to be domestic related. >> prince george county now where councilman mel franklin is facing charges after being arrested on suspic don't of drunk driving and district nine representative was involved in an accident after 1:30 last tuesday morning on route four do youer house road a searcg of state jirnl records say he was arrested and facing several charges including driving under
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driving country car at the time of the crash. >> a missing california mother was found and we're getting more details about alleged torture she endured and what her husband is saying about that ordeal next. >> and clues to what caused that deadly plane crash in columbia killing members of brazilian soccer team and others. brazilian soccer team and others. we're back in two minutes. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together.
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espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. sghv follow you up now at 7:is 4 that mysterious sheep is floating down the potomac and eming chose to d.c. monitored by the washington suburb urban sanitary commission. it does not pose threat to region drinking water but they
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environmental officials spotted sheen. >> i'm sick of it they put something out and it's not a threat but we don't know what it is. so how do we know it's not a threat. >> officials you do that 1st and then we'll drink no shade to you steve. >> it's excellent question for wssc. >> and rain moving in overnight and potential for thunderstorms today. all associated with a complex weather here. we is not had a lot of weather to talk about. >> it has not rained in forever. >> you're in hog heaven. >> and the problem has been we have a drought and what's happening tennessee as part of that. 56 in washington and winds out
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push today helps temperatures get a big boost. upper 60s and maybe 70s daytime high this afternoon. lots going on in atmosphere. starting with rain showers moving back in and they'll be with us on and off throughout the day and out to the west that's a cold front. and when it arrives later this afternoon with warm temperatures and lot of energy in the atmosphere we could firep a few thunderstorms. keep that in mind and we'll keep the chance force showers and potentially a few thunderstorms this in the forecast for the evening today will be a wet one. upwards of half inch and inch of rain in spots and thunderstorms going this afternoon. that's your look for lightser tonight and tomorrow. we'll klee it out. back into the 50s tomorrow and colder weather on the way here for early december. but today will feel spring like with daytime highs near 70s and rain showers around. >> nice change. how are we looking on the roads. >> wet and gross and pretty slow. how does that sound. >> terrible. >> terrible.
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pro shot he's drive ago rounds looking at commute. he's 66 westbound clearly 50. look at backs up traffic on eastbound side. you see the raindrops there we go looking for the word hitting the windshield right there and windshield wipers on full blast and be reduced -- prepared to reduce speeds and slow down and watch for slick spots and ponding conditions and eastbound delays extend from 234 to 28 and inside the beltway. let's switch it over from that to a look at maps. we have several other problems want to point out metro first. by for the totten where a deer was struck by a train and ashing insulator. red line looking better. safe track 11 dealing with single tracking between west false and east false church and moving to roads and a structure fire in noaksville and caution there and again 6 of backing up and we're seeing big delays as we take a wide view.
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south back to you guys. >> erin thank you very much. international soccer world in mourning after deadly plane crash in columbia that carried a brazilian soccer team. >> they were headed to biggest match in history and instead near the entire team wiped out in that deadly crash. >> what's happening wis. >> terrible tragedy here today. fans of the soccer team are still in shock as the world tries to process this heartbreaking news and as details com heartbreaking here's latest information we have before the crash the crew declared emergency and plane lost radar contact and investigators have been looking into two possible causes. on board electrical issues and possibility that the plane have may have run out of fuel. the lack of fire damage among wreckage points to that conclusion. they're looking into why the mraep was low on fuel in the fist place since it was only five miles from the airport.
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which could play a crucial role determining the reason for the crash. >> and meanwhile they gather todd mourn the 71 that died. miraculously six people on board that flight did survive. this video you're about to see here on the team's facebook page shows players exstatistic after beading argentina' clubs. now the soccer club now say let this be the last image of their warriors. the team says they want south american championship awarded
7:20 am
to chapecoense. >> the man that attacked the ohio state university campus earlier this week was inspired by isis and said to be from ohio mess even federal investigators according to recent posts on the suspect's facebook page the islamic state saying artan was one of their soldiers but there's no evidence to support that claim from isis. >> we're hearing from the husband of a california mom that allegedly kidnapped -- who was allegedly kidnapped whle jogging near her home. he recalled about seeing his wave sherri after 22 day ordeal and wrote of seeing her in hospital bed and face covered in bruises and bridge of her nose broken and his wife disappeared back on november 2 and was found on the side of a road on thanksgiving day. >> to cuba now former leader fidel castro ashes began a procession around the country as a multi-day trip and thousands continue to gather on streets of havana paying
7:21 am
bolivia, south american nations have given speeches paying trib out to castro who died friday at the age of 90. in the wake of this week's attack at ohio state university campuses across the nation are renewing efforts to keep students safe including local university now using new technology to detect danger sooner, details ahead. >> first if you head out the door this morning be careful rain is making for a cuff commute. we'll check roads and forecast next with erin and tucker at
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>> meet the nation's newest multi-millionaires. a group of 20 co-workers in tennessee claimed 420 million jackpot yes that's 21 million a piece. >> >> yes. >> we didn't play. >> we never do this anymore. >> we used to. >> we used to do it it could be "fox5" 20. >> we never won. >> it would be "fox5" 150. >> we lost every time we de it anybody. >> they buy lottery tickets
7:25 am
has to get tickets? you can't narrow to 20 other people would get mad because they were not it. >> that's why we have "fox5" 50. >> when. >> i used to buy thattic tote protect myself in case you won i didn't want to be the one guy outside the picture. >> i think we won once and it was 50 cent a person. >> we were grateful. >> i love the story when it's a group. >> looked like a nice group. >> 56 washington hey we have rain not only in the forecast day today. potential for thunderstorms as well. let get to humidity 100% and fog an issue as well overnight. rain showers, picking up intensity particularly south and west. and it's warm front initially and then cold front later today and bottom line clouds and warm temperatures enjoy the temperatures 70s this afternoon and cloud cover and you really feel the energy in and atmosphere and winds out of the south and potential for thunderstorms this average as
7:26 am
keep that in behind you may hear rumbles of thunder and thunderstorms across the mid atlantic here as the frontal system moves on through. 5 tomorrow. cooler feels like december here end of week. all right. more weather momentarily. >> there light elevated fog wet roads and rain. this is outer loop topside of beltway new hampshire avenue route 1 all the way to 2730 spur you're up again delay crash old georgetown road and they cleared and huge delays there. 95 calvert ton and as you come on southbound side from the icc down to the beltway sluggish commute with wet conditions northbound side heavy as well and 50 inbound side bement way to 295 basically parked we have a crash reported on 50 inbound
7:27 am
give yourself extra time adding to these delays and outside time 50 beltway looking better and bottom side upper loop 210 jammed branch avenue to wilson bridge use caution and be prepared to keep windshield wipeers on 95 behind me parked as well. it's a rough one back to you allison and steve. >> following this week's attack at ohio university campus safety is on the mind of schools and for one local university rolling out new technology to quicker details next. >> everybody keeping safe oop the roads could soon get a makeover. changes from the feds that would make it easier for to you complain about the safety concerns when it comes to your
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>> definitely affected by wetitl roads across the region today and it might be one of the dayss we get several rounds of t rhtan coming through.. unseasonably warm but very wetmy ouerthere. so just a heads up for your commute and your need for theee umbrella today.. we'll check in with tucker initk just few minutes get all your weather details. welcome back to fox5 newsback t5 morning. time right is now is 7:30.:3 get to the latest the trumpru transition.tran within the last hour donaldnald trump tweeting out he'll be be leaving his business in order tr focus on running the country ass pr i'll be leaving migrate businesn in total to -- in order to fully focus on running the country ini order to make america greatricag again while i'm not mandated to hence legal documents are beinge crafted which take me completelt out of the business operations.e the presidency is a far moreor important task. tk also filling out his cabinen tapping conservatives with deepe ties to washington and wall andl street as he continues toties deliberate over his secretary oo ate.e. he has chosen steve minute new chen to be the treasury
7:31 am
head of health and human services.. helene chow will lead thew wi la department of transportation.pot billionaire wilbur ross longson time democrat at one point named commerce secretary.mmce s president-elect donald trump an mitt romney sat down for dinnern again tuesday night in new yorkw at trump towers restaurant. obviously this is -- jenn j georges restaurant.. romey under consideration forco secretary of state.seetar had couple of meetings so far.en after the dinner he told reporters he was impressed with trump's victory speech and um au pref with the cabinet picks s >> donald trump will travel toti indiana on thursday to make ae major announcement about carriei the company that makes heatingag and air-conditioning ventilatioi and refrigeration systems.ysms it looks like the company willnl stay in the united states afterr all. al that company had planned to save $65 million by moving two of its indiana plants to mexico.ico. it reached a deal on tuesday t with president-elect trump to tu keep nearly 1,000 jobs here insr the states.s. carrier is owned by unitedyni technologist. defense contractoron
7:32 am
?? other top stories thisrieshs morning weather causing bigg wes problems down at leastprob three people dead n alabama a number of reports rep putting that death toll higher.g four others critically injured after line of storms and of st possible tornadoes slammed nommo northeast alabama this morning.i officials say as many as 20 as buildings were level including a 24 hour daycare center, baptistp church an shopping that's part of a system that stt continues to move across the south through georgia and tennessee leaving those areasres vulnerable to tornadoes until u about :0 and then some of that energynery coming here later. meantime multiple storms movedsd through mississippi as wellsissl overnight bringing severeght bri weather to parts of thatng s ste with large hail and sixnd confirmed tornadoes leavingeseai behind a trail of damage no worw on any injuries in mississippi.. let's get to story now s n locally you're only going to see here on fox5.heren fo the frightening a tack at ohio state university renewed a pushs for safety on campuses across as the country.ount >> that includes the universitys of maryland.ylan it's launching new technology tl
7:33 am
details.ta good morning.go >> good morning steve andood al this one is called spot shot tht idea to get officers to shootinn scenes as quickly as possible.oi fox5 recently got a behind theie scenes look from the university's police chief on hoh it works. >> minutes in case of an activev shooter minutes cost lives.ives the challenge is, getting thatht call immediately.edialy so that we can respond immediately.. >> scenes of violence hit closec to home in the district at the navy yard. couldn't tell where the guy wass until one of the officers gotert hit.t. >> the police chief at the p university of maryland wants his officers to have every toolveryo possible if there is ever ane ie active shooter on campus. cpu this week the school will start using gundy tech technology usel in major cities including d.c. >> average active shooter startt to finish is about 12 on average it takes believe itvi
7:34 am
911 call. this curbs that down to about 30 seconds.second if we can get noticed earlier, i we can get on the scene faster,s we can save more lives. >> the system is called shot s spotter university has installel sensors around the campus thatsa would immediately dete gunshots. >> and notify dispatch.pah >> the location of where it's happening is to play -- iss depicted on the map. would go to authorities with ann exact location and more.e >> the technology tell was kindn of gun, count the rounds, hows, many and so forth.nd so fort >> i think it's great. i think university should alwayl be prepared considering whatde happened at ohio state recently. there should be precautions taken. ke >> students here have some idea of the panic that comes with on campus. >> i was in the library at theth
7:35 am
congregated there i got kind off scared.ed. >> the university is s doing ard free test of shot spotter foror six months. beyond that it will cost 10 w grand a year the hope it willop ver r be needed. >> it could very well be that we seldom ever have that technology activate. but 11 we need that technology, and we need it to activate in a timely way to get us on then scene so we can save lives it'si going to be there.he the technology can only pick upk actual gunfire not shots fromrom something like a beebee gun.eee steve and allison.on >> maureen, thanks. maureen, th always good to have the precautions inwa pyslace. g. ?? we like to be prepared about the forecast, too and what to expect. >> hey, tucker g morning. >> good morning. eathernd lots of weather to talu about.t feels like it's been weeks anded months since we've talked abouto big rains but we've got them in the forecast today.fore reagan national 56.atiol 56 mile temperatures.perare we're looking at daytime highs s today we might hit 70 degrees 7 this afternoon.ft
7:36 am
overnight. dense fog advisory for most of the area pushed to the north ana east until 8:00 a.m.ntil 8 we still have few trouble spotso here. quantico half mile. m annapolis quarter mile. m half mile out at dulles. dul you get the idea here. fog still an issue and will beil so for a few more hours.eou the rain is now mixing upgp atmosphere pretty good and the t fog should lift out of here, bub the trade off we'll have a lot l of rain around today. you can see the rain showersthes moving in very quickly from them south and west, and at times,im heavy in fact we could bewe coue looking at the poe potential fol thunderstorm activity lateriv today as this cold front startsa to approach from the west.roh fm unfortunately the same coldunat front that brought theel tornado to parts of alabama and mississippi last night. but again that's marching to the east and we'll be looking at a a rainy day today and daytime d highs about 70.s a 70. make sure you have your umbrell do want to mention this t afternoon even for that eveninge commute the potential foral for showers and thunderstorms.s let me get out of the way withit daytime highs again near 70 degrees.rees
7:37 am
plenty more coming up. big change in air mass and morem sunshine in the forecast. i'll hell you know when that arrives momentarily.arrives mo let's do traffic with erin.meer. >> 7:37 tucker. rainy wednesday morning ride.nir we're also dealing with a fire out in nokesville a structure fire aiden road closed afterd at hick curson lane for response.. please use caution there as youe head out in manassa ass 28 northbound is slow.. southbound canal road we have ae crash at fox hole road. really jammed up intersection any way this time of morning ani traffic is jammed all the wayd y back to reservoir roa heavy delays. dlay george washington parkwayge w inbound slow towardsas 123 on tt roosevelt bridge. bridg outer loop crash blocks the ramp to george washington parkwayshin parkway. the outer loop from that earlier crash by old georgetownop f road completely jammed up as you get towards the legion bridge. in your opinion jams from 66ms 6 through tysons across the legiog bridge as well. as and then as you make your wayouy out on the outer loop, that's as closer look of the knife north r and southbound from well north of the icc southbound jams j really heavy traffic. tff
7:38 am
cameras next. back to you guys. >> erin, thanks very much.uc new this morning the u.s. me government wants more people tot complain about car safety safy problems even giving you some sm tools to do do s the national highway trafficic safety administration wants autt makers to put labels on sun visor that is would instructioni on how to file safety complaints. the agency uses consumer complaints to spot safet yagen problems.le. the main draw back the agency d doesn't have enough people torat thor role analyze the 75,000 700 complaints it already came last year but now they want more. >> squeaky wheel and all of that getting changes made. >> new dheevelopmentels in thegc that left comedian tracy morgann badly injured as the driver that hit him pleads guilty.leads details next. >> later on if you're loo.king o get away for touhi'rs rainy weah one airline is offering someff pretty good deals.ea but you better book a ticket quickly. we'll share the details comingsg up. up it's 7:38.:38. where shall we go?
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?? back now at 7:41 on> back wednesday morning, the truckg,ht driver that hit tracy morgan's limo pleads guilty and could c avoid jail time. tim now that crash injured morgan and kill another person insidend the kevin roper was a former wal*mart truck driver andnd admitted to being tired andir a didn't stop to rest before the crash.crh roper enter the the plea ina state superior court to t vehicular homicide and fournd f
7:42 am
>> closer to home police in bell air, maryland trying to figuregf out who vandalized a police pol memorial after somebody sprayods pain wad looked to be gange ng graffiti on the memorial onrialn south main street.eet. as well on wall along thelong t street. although it is related to the t name of a gang police do noto n believe the vandalism is ins itself is actually gang related. 7:42. there's a new sheriff ine's town.. bill mcmahon will be sworn in aa howard county sheriff today.ff d he was appointed by governorovnr larry hogan earlier this month n on the term of former sheriffri james fitzgerald resigned back in in october over a report that he cultivated a hostile workk environment and engaged in retaliatory that happens today at 4:00.:0 the new sheriff is sworn in lilicott city. >> before to happens dc gettingi big star power and in this case i do mean big.. literally as we're talking nba super star making a stop ontop n capitol hill today.ay li alike that.
7:43 am
look outside on this rainys r wednesday morning.we the weather causing big problemm on the roads.on tucker and erin will have thel e latest. they've been so busy.en so us we'll have it for you right
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?? wow. tuck that's seriousness going oo ere.e. >> yeah. because we got serious weather r for parts of the area we got rain showers moving movig through the area and potentially thunderstorms.. there's live look at lots of
7:46 am
say i'm not sure if the -- is it ever fun driving to work.or not fun with all the rain out ro there.e. wet, warm and windy let's start with the warm partar of it first. fst we're looking at daytime highsis near 70 degrees.gree so it will be a nice warmwar afternoon. you can see those numbers really jumping early this morning. leonardtown 61. 62 in fredericksburg.ckur 57 in gaithersburg.g mountains you guys aren'ts an' getting in on it yet with the fog developed overnight iig i promise in hagerstown and and martinsburg well see dayti highs in the upper 60s to aboutt 70. all right. rain showers moving back in. i the good news with the rainain it'sing the atmosphere the fogef we had overnight is going to be a thing of the past here prettye quickly but you can see we'veu got pretty good swath of rainf moving right across the region g and plenty more rain off to ouro south and west.ut. and the potential that believe it or not i know it's the end of november we could enter counterr a few thunderstorms later thisat afternoon. so just keep that in mine.t ini. there could be some rumbles ofef thunder and if we get a little t complex of thunderstorms goingoi
7:47 am
i think best chance for that f t will be later this afternoon.ern further south and west, there'se a lot going on here. her needed rain in eastern tennesset they have the terrible wildfires. unfortunately tornado watches coelntinuey to for parts of alaa and mississippi where there were reports of two dozen plus plus tornadoes last night and several fatalities. unfortunately, this is very thir dynamic system and as it marchem east we'll be looking at prettyt good soaking rains today. tay there's future cast at 11. heaviest of the rain sets upets north and west of town for aow you guys in southern maryland,a, central virginia lower eastern shore will get in on the rain as well. there we go 2:00 o'clock.clock. perhaps we'll try to get a few thunderstorms going and evennd through that evening commute wee keep rain showers in theain s fohorecast. much of your day will be cloudy. blustery, our winds out of the t south here tropical feeling as i we try to get this moisture moit through the area. marginal -- don't see this too o often the end of november. nber. marginal risk for severe weather this afternoon as again we cane have thunderstorm activity outio there a little later today.od seven day cooler weather on theh
7:48 am
more like december around hereur for the weekend.e eken highs by sunday only in the the upper 40s.. >> okay.kay. i'm done.done. >> sounds good, tucker.ounds go roads are bad.e bad i'd like to blame you but it's i the rain's fault.ault. >> i'm sure it's not helping. hi >> not helping at all. windshield wipers on go pro shoo from our photographer dave. de he is sitting in the delay asela you head out from gainsvillevill through manassas on 66 eastbound.ea this is out by 29, and you cannn see all of that parked condition in front of him. basicly parkway you are especially heava from that point through 28.ough. you need an extra hour of time to get from i would say gainsville inside the bell way w through falls church andlls arlington this morning.ngto m let's take look the a ourke loo cameras that's not the only slow rainy spot around the dmv you'rr jam packed across the 14thhe 1 street bridge right now. 395 northbound jams from theou r beltway across the bridge withet all that rain and kind off sluggish condition right that.h. give yourself about 25 to 305 t extra minutes to get from therot beltway across the bridge. bdg this is a look at the beltway ay
7:49 am
head down towards 210 really the inner loop from branch avenue across the wilson bridge jamsdgj and the outer loop is slow from the area of i would say south of 50 up to baltimore washingtonali parkway. taking a look at the legion bridge whole lost rain l we're seeing really hooeak vylea conditions on the inner and a outer loop to and from lee willw he john bridge. we have team coverage trackingig this rainy slow annie yu is hitting all of thatt traffic in virginia again notga moving out there >> reporter: yeah, erin. we are in a lot of stop and go g traffic kind of like the rain this we're hitting some rain here ana there and then it stops, but this is route 28 north and wee were trying to bypass the t traffic and all that congestion on 66 but to be honest i don'tit know if we're doing any better.e we thought this might be a goodg work around but again a lot ofoo stop and go this morning on thit roadway here.roady he it's one of those days as you've been mentioning all morning,ng, erin, you need to allow extraxt
7:50 am
destination safely. but we are seeing the dense fogg lifting.ftin th's good.d. the rain, though, is moving in. we're kind of again running intt parts where it's coming down steadily and then completelyetel stops. so depending on where you arerea it's going to differ, but mostll just be careful. ceful there's going to be wet spotsts everywhere.everywhe but, again, good news is the dense fog has lifted.fog halift back to you in the studio. stud. >> that is good news, annie,ni thanks.. today, a new children'sldn' health center more good news is opening up in anacostia new facility has 20 scam rooms and provides child health servicesee including nutrition and obesity counseling along with hem health, hearing and speechpeh services. ribbon cutting will be held at h noon celebrating the opening of this new facility.y so former nba basketballal player shaquille o'neal will beb on the hilda. hil live look right now at capitolap hill later today he's going to t panel that includes law l enforcement and national policyc experts to talk about dangerouss driving. now that panel will discuss thee challenges that officers faceera
7:51 am
drunk distracted or drowsyo driving. that discussion is set for 10:30 but we'll very special previewaw for you coming up on good day iy the 10:00 o'clock hour. hou >> try to dunk on shaq is he coming in here. here. >> i couldn't dunk on his waistt jet blue offering big dealge in which -- which - [ laughter ] >> jet blue offering a big deala in which you use a special discount code celebrate.ebra. so you can save 20% off your yr next flight. flit. the catch is you have to book ii by tonight and the deal is goodd for all flights leaving betweenn decembe february 15th.5th. >> except. >> they're blackout periodsout s around christmas and new year's' day. who wants to travel then any way.way. >> 20% off is better than 0 off. celebrate is the key word wr you have to put in. >> celebrate.>> >> to get that deal.get that dea good way to remember it.membert. think of al's sinking.inng >> speaking of singing kanye kae still in the hospital sourcesta tell tmz he was admitted for ada nervous break down.ow triggered by the anniversary ofy his mother's death.. kanye mother died i november 2007.
7:52 am
the same day he cancel his showw in la. people close to kanye tell tmz he never grieved over his mom'ss death hadn't a difficult timeltt around the time that she diedhee throughout the month of november.noveer. hamilton lin-manuel miranda to o make another musical. moan a dissed on their fakeir fk delay released last week.eek >> they discussed how the show'o creator got in touch with themhm on twitter and p millennial studied show.dihow they also dished on their ownheo involvement in the masterpiece.e take a listen. >> relationship between a a choreographer and his directorto is vital, trust is thetrs th foundation of everything. oever >> it's everything.s everythin i mean i even considered doing the choreographer sort of knowno for my fire moves.. fire! ?? >> you're welcome. >> all right.>> aig this looks like you're kind ofrf
7:53 am
the full tour de force is now nw available on the rock's youtubeu channel i'm sure by now it hasas 65 million views. >> but i like the way they justs have fun.un. it's genuineness of it. oft. >> it reminds me of us. us. >> yeah, we need to put together a musical. >> when ever he lies hee lies scratches his hand.scratches ihi want you all to know it.o k >> you have an ex leapt singingn voice.e. >> okay. well are you getting intoreg the holiday spietrit?ti sri >> thanks for playing alongplayg friend this morning we'rernin're wondering if some of the holiday decor goes too far.. >> no. >> have you see nativity scene. >> no. >> you probably have by now.bahe gone are the robes.obes. mary is holding starbucks,rbucks joseph complete with a beard ana man bun taking a selfie solare l panels on the top of the mangere the segways, a gluten free organic cow. instagraming of the birth ofrtho jesus and hash tag no doubt hipster loving folks can pick it up for 130 bucks online. >> even the hipsters are likerek that's going a little too far as i scratch my beard and walk around. >> there you go.
7:54 am
sent nanny celebration for theen record books a woman from for bs northern italy a now believed to be the oldest person after celebrating her 117th birthday yesterday. i mean amazing, right? emma moran know's doctor credits her longevity to repetition and a a diet consisting mainly of eggsgg which she eats every day.. >> looked like the cake had eggd on it or maybe they made it looo that way.. >> tucker, can you get me a dozen egg real quick befor >> last person born in thepeon r 0000's. >> is that right?>> >> what tucker is i saying.. her incredible lifespans three e centuries, two world wars, morer than italian governments.ernmts she had a beautiful voice and she loved to everyone is singing her praisesa and singing happy birthday goodg can you remember the last persoo born in a certain century.tury. >> isn't that incredible. tt inr >> look at her. if you told me she was like 90
7:55 am
>> yeah. >> she was in her 80.heas i >> happy birthday to you.ou >> isn't that >> high, tuck. tuc read an article about her stererday. she doesn't like fruits and lika vegetables.ta. >> really? >> eggs are like high e chggoless terol, aren't they.n'. >> i'm just telling you what sh said. >> funny you see the people thal are alwayse 112, some will be l like i drink a shot whiskeyt wsy every day.ev some will be like i never nev touched anything. >> no rhyme or reason.o rh >> right. >> live your life. >> yeah. y >> wednesday wisdom. wedsday >> here we go.we g >> deep thoughts. let me do we because a lot to talk about.tok. 59 now in washington. these numbers -- this numbers nr will be near 70 this afternoon0r that's the up side of our rainy forecast. we do have a lot of rain in thee horizon today maybe half an incc to an inch of rain expected soggy one this afternoon withont the potential for someorom thunderstorm activity.iv this is a very vigorous cold front that will be moving in agn little later today.od so it's a warm front lifting lig through at this hour and a coldc front later today.ter to unfortunately has a history oftf kicking up pretty severe weathew here off to our south and west.s
7:56 am
have the potential for some some thunderstorm activity aroundyrod here tod so we'll get pretty goody g downpours and gusty winds this t afternoon if we get anyet a thunderstorms going.understorm there's your seven day.evenay feels more like december bybe tomorrow particularly by fridayf and your weekend.d yourkend daytime highs only around 50. 5. overnight lows in the 30s. 3 that is a weather update. updat more coming up. u fog is lifting. let's see if erin is going to gg join us. >> i'm walking in tucker.uc i'm sorry. i'm about a slow moving as thege traffic right now. now in all honesty my calves arees e kiin leo yesterday on good day. 295 there's a crash kenilworth southbound at howard road.oa look at all of that red on the map.p from north of 50, really fromy r the beltway on down, you are yoa parked with very heavy traffic. that crash not helping.elpi 50 inbound through cheverlygh inside the beltway super jammedd up to 295 in addition to outsidi the beltway knife crash atsh powder mill road.l road. it's blocking the left lane that is on the northbound side againa
7:57 am
towards northbound 95 huge delays. southbound from north of icc heavy volume rain i would normally tell to you take oneake route or bw parkway to geto g around that.ndt. route 1 you're best bet becausee 29 is backing up and bw parkway north and southbound by powderdy mill also dealing with huge pinh delays now the outer loop is jammed jae from route 1 to the legion legio bridge. top side of the beltway is a mess. eastwest highway backing up 2700 south.h. just a parking lot with about at 45 minute delay. me de keep it to fox5 we have youave u covered on thi morning.morng.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. mi good wednesday morning wedsg everybody. i'm allison seymour.n sey >> i'm steve chenevey.'m thanks for joining us this s uss morning. it is 8:00 a.m. on wednesday november 30th and here's here' what's on the fox5 news morningg menu. >> at least five peopleleasfive confirmed dead after tornadoes o overnight. a 24 hour daycare destroyed. >> and the trump tweets theyet y keep oncoming the president-elect took to twittert about an hour ago to drop a big bombshell.bombshell. >> the holiday shopping season a officially underway if you're tight on time but long on theg e list we have the perfect gifts for giving. ?? get to what's breaking bakin overnight. at least five people dead nowpea four others critically hurty hur after line of storms and and possible tornadoes slammed intot alabama early this morning.orng officials say as many as 2020
8:01 am
daycare center a baptist churchc and a shopping plaza.. that system now moving our way w leaving parts of georgia andrgid tennessee especially vulnerable for tornadoes for the next hour. >> live look outside in our aree right we had some heff vo fog earlierr this morning.ning. looks like that's pretty much t cleared out of here and that'pr' good news. but the wet roads they are still out there take your time if te you're headed out.u're hded ou >> the rain now. now. tucker, how we looking in that a department?pame >> rain will keep -- stay withyh in fact could be some strongtrog thunderstorms for parts of the area later today.. >> that's severe. tha you think thunderstorms trees down -- >> same energy unfortunatelygy e brought the tornadoes to the tot dope last night will be upon usu we're not expecting we can have gusty wind.ind. >> okay. o >> primary threat and maybe somb pretty good downpours. >> mid afternoon? evening?veni? >> early to mid afternoon wouldo be the timing on it. but i can't promise we wouldn'to see a threat of it through thehe evening rush hour.evenrush let's talk temperatures first.
8:02 am
hey, up side of the forecastfas we'll be near 70 today.oday. downside the rain showers --we - well honestly we need the rainhn showers probably don't need thee downpours and thunderstormunders activity but that too is in thee forecast.foreca there you can see that rainat returning here in the lastas couple of hours.f hour. everybody is wet this morning,og and we will continue to be b dealing with rain on and off through our wednesday.ednesd potentially this is actually good news. half inch to an inch of rain for the area desperately needed isdi our deficits are six toix t 12-inches here for the year. so we need the rain. rain. we don't neet activity and this is a very energetic system. syste keeping it simple, but thehe bottom loin is, we can havean he gusty winds with thunderstormhu activity we get later today. officially, that's put out byhab the storm prediction center. cte a marginal risk for severe weher.r. probably familiar with theseamil maps in the summertime we getmet thunderstorms, but here it isit the last day of november andembe we're talking about potential thunderstorms. >> and 70 degrees. 7degrees. >> and 70 degrees.>>0 >> crazy. >> here you go. we turn the page to december a>e we have cooler weather on the oe
8:03 am
day. >> all right. >> thanks very much, tuck with h the train comes traffic problems. >> i stole tucker's candy. i think i deservele t chocolatef breakfast isn't safe me couple.. >> i will. ook of lovefovg the l and appreciation from tuckeriati right now. i promise i won't eat them all.ll i'll hold them right here. here >> look at all of this red on r the map. 270 from frederick down to the t spur about 45 minute delay. d big problems 295 southboundthbon right now at howard road.oa those delays ext beltway all the way down to 50o and past howard road 50 inboundu through cheverly jammed up andlp northbound 95 a crash at powderd mill road it's blocking the leff lane. jammed up from the beltway to thatfrom t point.. southbound side so slow as you u make your way from the icc towae the beltway bw parkway north ana southbound super slow and jammem up as you make your way out froy the beltway up towards thear t baltimore beltway and take looko the outer loop is slow from from route 1 all the way over to the 270 spur. s it's about an hour delay from f
8:04 am
your safe bet get early startlyt and take it slow.and tat rain is causing really sluggish southbound canal road we have a crash at fox hweol he. fox h you're jammed all the way back k passed says every reservoir road. . 66 eastbound very slow to the key bridge jams roosevelt bridge as well as memorial bridge heavy traffic. gw parkway from the beltway down passed 123 very slow and same s story on 395 northbound.orthboun now there's also a structurestre fire out in nokesville that istt closing aiden road after hickick curson lane. towards the beltway as well. wel i showed you the maps and somenm problems spots. spots. annie yu is out in the rainheai driving around town. town. looks like you're still in thell mick of those delays. >> reporter: all right. rig erin, thank, thk yo yes, busy traffic day.ay. it's just so, so messy out herer we're currently still on route r 28 making our way to 29 whichhi runs parallel to 66 and we're w
8:05 am
about on 66. hopefully, this will get us back home.ho. closer to home faster, but it's' just messy out here, and these t conditions the warmer conditionn i should say created a lot of heavy fog which resulted in a dense fog advisory early thislyh that has since lifted at 7:00.t7 so the good news is, the fog has lifted. lift but the rain is starting to come down here into manassas area ana it looks like it's just going g get worse throughout the day.. so drivers use caution and keepe those eyes o slow down leave extra time butie the good news we're really seeing drivers heed the warningg people are going slower than the limit, and really keeping their distance, and so that is thethai good news.goods we haven't run into any accidena ross and the smaller accesses roads. i know there are a number ofre a them on those main roads erin mentioned, but it looks pretty t good out here, guys. g back to you in the studio. >> annie, thanks very. this morning thousands every people unsure if their homes are still standing as wildfiresildf continue to rage across thes t
8:06 am
uncontained this including a big one in tennessee that is believed to have wipedth out an entire resort. the flames there have killed atd least three people.people. left many more including the town's mayor homeless. ?? all right.>>al locally now back with update in the case of a murdered teenagere in the district this man wantedn in connection with the shootingg death of a 16-year-old girl thee day aft thanksgiving he turnede himself in to police detectives say evans was caught on surveillance camera firing a gun when 16-year-old brianna mack mill man land mc mal milan was talking toalkit friends outside the potomacac garden apartments when the shote were fired.ired. investigators believe the teente was not the intended target ofge that the police need your help in finding this 18-year-old.-o. he's accused of raping a 15-year-old girl in falls churcc last summer. victim told a caseworker that ronald contrares raped her in a wooded area back in july. july. victim said contrares was a w a family friend wouldn't occasionally stop by at one at n point he threatened to kill herr if she called police.ole. detectives believe contrares isi
8:07 am
he is wanted for rape, abductioa and assault. prince william county now. a deadly shooting at a shoppingn center parking lot under uer investigation this happened jush after 7:30 last night near the food lion on holdly road inn manassas.naas. when officers arrived they founr a man suffering from gunshotrieg wounds.ds he was rush to the hospitalospi where he later police say this appears to be domestic related. prince george's countyce ge councilman mel franklin facingag charges after being arrested on suspicion of drunk records confirm franklin wasm fw involved in an accident last lat tuesday morning on route four at dowerhouse road. ?? big news for trump tweetingt this morning that he will inil fact step out of his businessuss empire though it is not as he ah says mandated to under the law.w >> donald trump said legalegal documents are being drawn up to completely separate him addingdd that the presidency is a quote for more important task right rg now the president-elect islect i
8:08 am
cabinet with more picksorpicks announced this morning.orni >> for all of the talks as to what's happening -- want to to check in with melanie alnwick. if morning. >> for all the talk of disarrayr and chaos remember we wereemembe talking about that early whenhe that are they going to make m their picks after today, theyey will have filled half of the cabinet positions with 11 to gog the most closely watched of course is secretary of state. se last night mitt romney hadne had second meeting with donald trump either to seal the deal forl for secretary of state or to say no thank rice had dinner at trump towersr restaurant after the ming romner told reporters he was impresseds with trump's cabinet picks soics far. more of those picks now on the board. president-elect trump making two nominations within the hour.. steve mnuchin a former gold zenz sacks exec and hollywood ties ts and no government experience ise nominated as treasury secretary. and billionaire business leaderr investor wilbur ross will takeia
8:09 am health and human services goingg to georgia representative tomivt price. price is an orthopedic surgeon o who has been leading crusaderder against obama care and thenn former secretary of labor elaine chow has been shrek to do lead r the department of transportation. is he she should under president gw bush and married to senate majority leader mitch mcconnelll all of the nominations have to v be confirm.firm trump deal to keep jobs ins in america carrier the company than makes heating, air-conditioningn ventilation and refrigeration systems has planned to s $65 million by moving two of its indiana plants to mexico.. now it is keeping nearly ay thousand jobs at home.e. details of the deal weren't made public but it does involve somem state carrier is owned by a big defense contractor that benefitf from billions of dollars in federal thursday trump and mike penceikc will unveil the treatment withnt carrier in indiana were pence ii still the sitting governor.err the pair will kick off a thank you tour of swing stat starting in cicinnati.nnat
8:10 am
>> mel, thanks very much. much. meantime hillary clinton and hey close aids see the election results recount largely as a asa waste of resources according to those close to the clintons.lion instead they want supporters to channel their election resultes frustration noose politicalospoi causes. ca the voter recount is being bei fueled by green party candidate jill stein who has formed anmed organization to try to force f recounts in the states ofsf wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. >> in brazil overnight soccer se fans gathered to mourn theto m players killed in that plane vigil held at the club stadiumsm five of the 77 passengers ons o board survived. the team traveling along withlot reporters and familyh members me they were going meet in a i tournament in column yes.lumn y it was originally reported 81ed1 people were on board.rd. four people who check into thew flight didn't make the flight. two injured players another wass the team manager's son who forgot his passport. por officials in columbia say they y have in fact recovered the black boxes they will hoping they wilh provide some clues as what doomm
8:11 am
cuba now thousands of peoplf line of streets of havana to pay tribute to fidel castro the t president of mexico ecuador, bow live have a, venezuela and south africa along with others gavesav speeches. they were paying tribute to fidel case tropayi who died on a at the age of 90.0. south african president jacob zum praised cuba under castro cs for education and health careltc and african independence struggles.. fidel castro's remains leavingng havana for a four day journeyey across cuba. he'll be laid to rest in in santiago. the >> women' mars in washington wag planned for the day after ther the inauguration may be in jeopy now. now. why thousands of activists may m not be able to march on the on t national mall. >> fda approves trials for the drug street ecstacy. ecsta ahead who will benefit and why
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
?? >> i like that. feeling a little tropical today. >> it sure s1-day special. ttlesure s>> tropical breezes.>p temperatures in the 70b we getic to the weatheral,es i though --- >> cuteness. >> we got cuteness. >> we need it on day l>>ike w t. >>eah.h. >> aww. >> somebody is ready for whatever conditions are throomwi his way.on his >> adorable. a >> what's up, dude? i want at a baby an puppy now? n >> well, okay. >> both.
8:15 am
>> can you give me some hints.e >> yes.>> >> all right. first fiv photo of the day adorable this t our little man is adrian, everybody.yby. >> hi, adrian.ian cute little jacket. jacke he's two years old and you cannu tell from his jacket and hisnd h look he loves to be outside.utde >> look how cute he is.s. >> um-hmm.hmm does he look like a little man,m doesn't gentlemen.doesn't ge >> right. >> he's got very wise eyes.. >> he's handsome fella. fel >> and nice fashion sense.n sse >> yup. he is -- he loves t play play outside piles. >> yeah.eah >> throw the leaves.ea >> did you ever dive in the lea pile. >> oh yes, yes, yes.. >> i never did it. i n >> when i was two i got stitcheg in my headot f sor doing it. >> there are bugs in there, too. >> i was too young to remember so i kept doing it isn't back to >> two. that sounds like negligence. >> can i see his shoes, please.. >> enthusiasm. >> look at his little shoes. sho he is so adorable. >> he's super cute.ute. >> i wouldn't say dive in. we used to like -- i don't knowd you would like play in they the
8:16 am
oh, allison, we had like the world's biggest leaf pile. >> i was always afraid of spider.sp >> wet leaves inside you geti all -- >> and poop. any way to send us your child's picture --picte >> what leaves were you playingn in.g >> go to the face become page t and fox5 d.c. d.c >> out in the country.ry. >> if you have dogs.>> i >> i'm a city person.>> i'm >> if you have doing.u haoing >> adrian you are adorable.are e >> go to our facebook page.kag fox5 d.c. d.c we love your picture.icture keep the cuteness rolling. >> poop is funny to kids, of kso cour to figure out how to deal withet it did you read that storyyou r yesterday. >> i saw that story, yeah.. >> serious issues up there ins e space. 59 now in washington. all right. we're looking at daytime highsmh near 70 this afternoon with raii showers in the forecastheorecas throughout the kind of on andro off, and the te potential for thunderstormthuer activity that's what we're mosts concerned with we could haveav downpours and potential foror gusty winds if we getet thunderstorm activity that youiu go. you can see that rain returninge here early this morning.ning overnight the fog was the issuei but with the rain moving back ik
8:17 am
the fog pretty quigley. q we're not the only ones unfortunately experiencingnc severe weather hovy rain down ii eastern tennessee where they t have wildfires and still tornado threat for parts of alabama and mississippi this morning.ning yesterday had he that reports oe more than two dozen tornadoes.ds in the all of those have beenavn confirm but you get the ideathea there's a lot of severe weathera out there early this morning. m 70 for us today and then it will start to feel like december just in time for it toember be decem. >> tomorrow. >> yeah.. >> crazy. >> a right.>> right >> 58 in december seems pretty warm. >> hi, erin g morning.g mor >> good morning, 8:17. rainy roads and look at thek a outer loop.teop it is basically parked from 95ro to georgia.rg. this camera out by colesvillees road, no current crashes tosh t report, but volume is so heavyea that you're still looking atng a over an hour delay to battlee that congestion in college parkr as you make your way through thr silver spring and chevy chasese this morning. morng. inner loop wide open.. speeds are slower than usuallowh
8:18 am
rain.. as we take look at the maps we e have crashes and ton of other oh slow downs for this rainysainy wednesday morning.wedn take a look outside thees beltw. bw parkway northbound andnd southbound red between capitol beltway towards baltimore bal ltwaway. 95 southbound from the icc to t the beltway jams frederickri douglas bridge there's crashre's blocking the right lane. l delays are all the way back tokt suitland parkway.arkw we're seeing a ton of congestioo on the freeway east and westbound by the third streetrds tunnel. we'll have more traffic in few.w back to you guys. ? new this morning we areni we following breaking news out of hyattsville where police are investigating a murder officials say it happened in the 5300 block of crittenden streets and was reported just before 7:00 this morning. morning. they have investigators on theie scene. no word yet on who was killed kl but we will bring you updates ii this breaking news story just aj soon as we have them. hav. steve? >> if you're looking to be one of the high rollersre durin lg p inauguration reach deep intoeepo eighty four wallet it could cost you up towa $1 llmillion to geto
8:19 am
leadership. some of the break downs you'llks find online including $500,0005, to get a seat at trauma popsa dinner table a quarter of aer million dollars gets you two tickets to the ladies luncheon to meet ladies of the firstofhef family.. hefty prices are offered to big donors who are willing to chip and help cover the $75 million7l the inauguration committee isone hoping to raise the money too cover.cover. >> okay. >> hundreds of thousands ofdredo women planned to march into marn washington on president-elect trauma's first day in office. they might have to chang now. >> after their permit to march on the natheio pnal mall was submitted behind seven others.. the organizers now saying the sn show will go on but not specifying where the show will l happen. happ bob barnard joins us live fromue the national mall with more.ore i think what they were callingtg it the million women march, bobb good morning. >> reporter: good morning,ni allison and steve.lison some people were calling it that, the women'seople march tt shshington. a number of different namesferen hopefully the weather will bee nicer on that saturday which iss the day after the inauguration.g
8:20 am
lincoln memorial and march to t the white house.ouse expecting maybe 100 to 200,000.0 we can show you the face bock b page basically a campaign thatpt began the day after the election. el i know people up ini kn peopl massachusetts who are in theiror 70s who told me their planning n on getting oh and a bus and b a coming down here a lot of peoplf are planning to come here for this march to show unity, to express their displeasure with some of the things that thef th president-elect said during thed campaign about women.en. but as it turns out they will ot not be able t here at the lincoln memorial mol because as you mentioned some s other people beat them to it,o i and also because there's a lot going on. there's the march for life the e next day on the 22nd. the anniversary of row v weighew the decision by the supremecisib court.y joining us is mike, spoke manken for the national park servicel s here in washington.waington. mike, you mentioned some people the them to it. there's lot going on. what's the process? why can't 100,000 people the day after tht inauguration just come hereere
8:21 am
>> you're absolutely right muchb there is a lot going on thatsolt week in the only because of the inauguration, because of the roe v. wade anniversary and this ani election cycle has generate adda lot of interest from people t wanting to exercise their firstf amendment rights on both sidesr of the issue. so we've got about 20, first amendment permits on file.n f we processed those applicationsi in the order in which they werer received and in the case of theo gathering for justice or the the women's march, there were othero applications on file at thens oa lincoln memorial was received.d >> they haven't canceled it.caei the facebook page still saysti they're coming here.. but their organizers are quoted as saying please come don'tseom cancel your plans, don't cancell your plane ticks. we'll figure something out.figu how easy is it for group that size to gather up somewhere elss not in a last minute kind of o thing but in short order? ord >> certainly the challenge onint the numbers they're talkingrekig perhaps 200,000 people, there t are only so many places you cann
8:22 am
is a big citing and there's ahee lot of open space. so rather than simply denying a permit for which there are conflicting applications onctinc file, we work with the t organizers, see if we can findaf an alternate location or if they're set on that locationha finding an alternate date.ate. but we make every effort to ensure that those groups firstst amendment rights are protected.. >> mike litter st national parkp service. thank you very much. again the organizers of thisthar wither women's march onch o washington for the day inauguration they're gatheringhe their march will go on but they have not come up with an a alternative location and march m route guys. stay tuned for that.ha >> all right. , thank you verythank you much. >> meantime the trump transition is also affecting silico valley.ey >> several tech giants taken a t ectumble after the election.leio
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
?? >> boy, you need date. either a little rihanna on the radio or the real deal. >> maybe both. did you see it coming down in bob's live shot earlier. e it c elillvea,brella,tle o ort ella. ella. >> is this stick aig round allta day, tucker barnes? tuckebarn >> on and off all day. day it won't be pouring all day butb it is raining and cloudy andloud very warm all day. day i could hear it on the rooftop r here a moment ago in northwestot d.c. you can see the rain picking upc in intensity here particularly
8:26 am
getting pretty good rains.ns certainly potential here in here addition to rain and downpours u we could have thunderstormndersm activity a little later thiss afternoon as this cold front fro continues to press into our io r area. big change in air mass but aheab of it, big surge of very warmy almost tropical air near 70ear 0 today it will feel spring like n out there and look out.d look o. we can have thunderstorms andor we'll keep rain in the forecastf through the evening commute.. so it will be a soggy day today. daytime highs about 70. 70. there's a look at your sevenyous day. more weather momentarily.rily more traffic, erin, roadways, we >> wet. wet. sad. slow. this is a live look from dave'ss go pro camera on 60.0. out by 28 it looks like roads ii terms of volume volume lightening up, however, rain, rn coming down really heavy. traffic slower please usec sl caution. a lot of heavy volume prior toow that in. 234 prince william parkway up to 28 you start to open up.. westbound slower than usual, uao too. let's take live look top side of the beltway through college park the outer loop has been probleml all morning long.mog l
8:27 am
colesville road heavier rain falling right now in yourow in r opinion very light volume butumb speeds reduced because of the te rain from georgia -- from 95 over to georgia. georgia it's over an hour delay. 270 southbound coming downin dow passed the spur from frederick i also about a 45 minute delay.ely pack your patience.atnc metro right now on time exceptep for safetrack surge allege allee single tracking on the orangerag and silver by west malls church. allison.. >> 8:27. are you looking for the perfect gift for your family thising fo holiday? >> yes. of c coming up. we'll he ccoheckmi some itemsome ite off your list now. now. it's 8:27. 8:2 we're enlisting an expert. exper
8:28 am
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>> skip to new video right now.v this shows the extensive damaged acrosshe ext northern mississipp storms across the souththe ut overnight.ovnigh this footage was taken momentsom after the first wave of severefr weather hit the region. looks like tornadoes in i mississippi overnight.rnht possibly alabama, too, where there were a number of fatalities. in mississippi winston countyout nearby counties also havingoin damage to cars and a number of so big problems across the south this up into tennessee parts oftennef georgia as well.l >> all right. just rain here. though tuckerst rai says thundes could move in later today. >> holiday shopping season as we know officially underway becausu we went from black friday to cyber monday to now what i'm seeing is on wednesday morningng extended cyber monday sales. ses
8:31 am
still long on lists consumerconr reporter steve november november has a gift giving and we do knok that.that >> if you haven't even starteded yet. steve is live out of dallas, ofo course, for us with topics for high-tech folks on your list.r goodorning.g. >> it's not funny it's the true story, steve. >> my annual holiday gift guidee aired on fox5.aid happy to have you guys in dc join us.join u some of the things we talkedin about when it comes towht co technology we really try and a find things that are just aus a little bit off the beaten pathat to give you some really cool and a couple of standards starting g with this guy right right big screen tv everybody wants one for the holidays.. we chose the voice yo smart cass e series for a couple ofple reasons. first up, this is a 4k ultra hd display.disp it's got something called googll cast built in. b in. so you download the vizio smartt cast app it turns your smartrmat phone or tablet into a remote control and then you can cast contact more than thousand appss hundreds of thousands of shows and moeies.
8:32 am
of course you can still use oveo the air cable, satellite,elte whatever you want, the price p point here for this 65-inch 4k set, $850. really good deal there also.lso sometimes you just want toea update the sound of without wito having to buy the whole new tvet set that's why we chose the t fresh e bar. b this is a sound bar for your tvt but what makes it so cool is the connectivity so it's got blue tooth, rca, tal optical audio input from a heada phone will work with any television manufactured since 1999. 1999. even if you've got an old tv, t you can update the sound systeme the price point here prettyrett great at $70.. also, comes in some really cool configurations each one withh leather trim on it, too. t all right.l ri next up let's move over to here. this is from sprocket or this is the sprocket from hp i shouldd say.
8:33 am
>> writing down --n >> frantically writing down down notes and price points. points. >> he has a sound bar for the v tv. >> lists of who is getting what. which right now is me for theort first one mean for the secondecn one. >> i think we need some of thata technology that's on sale for the station.ion >> that should be free. technology.lo >> so sorry. toacebooan go to his facebook page, right?ht >> yes. >> steve noviello out of dallasl >> and let you know a couple ofp other things on his short list hp sprocket photo printer. p >> sprockets dance.ce. >> okay. >> old snl reference.eference >> something call the lamp champ and something called snakableae u.s. b cables. cle better cables for you.le we'll put the information on our website our fox5 face book page. apologies for the loss ofsf communication. >> do you think it's a bit ironic we're talking aboutu th t high-tech gifts and we lost our technical connection to steve. e >> don't you think?hink >> hmm.
8:34 am
>> tech giant dealing it west math of the 216 presidentialntia election. tech stocks on monday took another hitcks .. fourth straight day as investors brace for wars with china. apple took a big hit. i pope sales would take a majorr hit with trump in office if he h follows through with his tradeui policies with china in theina in future. congress set to vote and billil that would speed up drug approval. some say the bill called 21st century cures is being rushed. . the bill would set aside more than $6 billio research critics of the bill say it weakens the food and drug administration's regulatoryulatr power which could ultimately put patients at risk. ?? $850 for that huge t >> that's amazing. a vizio. >> do you know how much i paidoh for the first smart or big tv, probably a lot more than -- >> thousands.hods >> it might have been. i was freak out by that bird fighting dance steve november november was showing.
8:35 am
fancy high-tech stuff. >> curved. >> curved. a you need a curved tv, steve. >> ooh.u.ed t >> i feel like that's a fad. >> right? 59 now in washingtono >> where did you go, tuck. did u >> i'm over here.>>'m o >> go back in. [ laughter ] o what is happening? to this>> show.. >> i'm over here.vehere >> can't you be over >> what is going on. what is goo >> he's over here.n.>> he's ov >> i'm over h >> i can point at the radar.>> m >> let me go back to a the rain. >> how can she stand there buthe you can't. t. >> i have work to do today. to y >> you got this. >> hopefully >> rain showers, lots of them, , just off to our west.t some of this rain is locally loy avy.y. so just be prepared for that out on the roadwayts. if you'll be out and about theut next couple of hours.ours keep rain in the forecastor throughout the day today with td the potential foray t thunderstr activity.acvity. very strong cold front off to o the west unfortunately causing i lot of damage to our south andnd west where they have reports ofo upwards of two dozen tornadoes last night unfortunately several confirmed fatalities.ies. we're not expecting tornado activity before the i want toef
8:36 am
us thunderstorm activity today.i the bottom line avibout 70 thisi afternoon.aften feel kind of tropical out there with southerly breezes pickinglb up and then we'll really ringlli out the atmosphere upwards to an inch of rain around her laterhee today. that will be good news. although we'll keep rain in the forecast through the eveningning commute.commute. 70 this afternoon.on. winds out of the south here at h 10 to 20. her to 2 seven day looks more likeeike december on the seven day i'llel have those details momentarily.y all right, erin, want to step in? in? >> yes, i do.>>es, team give me a high five check. >> here it i >> boom. >> i needed that today.thoday 50 inbound there's a crash at ca the beltway delays back to 19797 collington road look at the rlok outer loop and in your opinionno through largo super slowsupew traffic. outer loop delays extend to bw parkway.y pw parkway inside the belt bayeb down to 50 and from 50 down to pennsylvania.penn it is so slow.w. volume has not dissipated at all around the dmv. douglas bridge inbound there's s crash blocking the right rapeige delays all the way back toll thb suitland suitland parkway inbound is sloo the 11th street bridge is
8:37 am
beltway to the 11th street bridge. 14th street bridge look abrt ala of that red coming off of 395 northbound.northb outer loop jams the entireams en stretch from route 1 to the t legion bridge.legion b it's about an hour delay there.e 95 north and southbound super sr jammed up earlier crash on the e northbound side by powder millpl road did clear bw parkway north and southboundn it's literally standstillndst traffic north and southbound in the area of powder mill road roa through green belt.thro and we're also seeing bigug dell 270 on the southbound sided side coming down from urbana to the here's a closer look at thatt right now.t no you can see all the way t rockville. average speeds 20 miles per milr hour. metro is on time except excep safetrack impacting the orange g and silver. and silver back to you guys. still ahead this morningor remember that missing mother inr california the one who looked like she was kidnapped whileed w jogging her husband is finally l speaking out about this long ordeal. >> what he says about his wife's disappearance and return.urn. it's 8:37. 87. ??
8:38 am
stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. despite a rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. with your support, we can find more answers faster.
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kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with kisses deluxe. >> ?? >> you know when you go quad boy rain al there's something going on out there. high tech. >> um-hmm. >> it's causing problems oute'so as you can see botstom right rig traffic backed up and we'red wee seeing that across the area are today. tucker says actually we'll getlt pretty good showers coming incoi probably early afternoon.eron we'll let him give the detailsai at 8:45.5 >> i think by our coverage youou can tell we haven't seen rain ii while. >> we haven't though.haven'thou we're way behind as far as rain. >> exactly.
8:41 am
today we're hearing from thehe husband of a california mom who allegedly was kidnapped whiledni jogging near her home. he. in a statement released reased yesterday the husband recalledee seeing his wife sherri after her 22-day ordeal. >> he wrote of seeing her in a a hospital bed face covered inoved bruises bridge of her knows kno broken.ok his wife disappeared on november 2nd and was found, fou, though, silver lining here onin the side of the road on thanksgiving day.ay also the man who attackedked several people at ohio stateo at university with a butcher knife this week was inspired by isis.. this according to ohio policeoic and federal investigators.tors point to go recent posts made ot the suspect's facebook the islam state is also sayingin that abdul artan was one of itsi soldiers but authorities sayhory right now there's no evidence tc support that claim actuallye tha coming from isis. new this morning ordinary people like you and i being trained to saveorike yo lives it event that there's a terrorerro attack.atta. shooting or another emergency. y it's actually a class at stonyy brook university in new york..
8:42 am
speak bng gunshots, gashes, otherth injuries. school hopes to take the program nationwide.. street drug ecstacy gets fda approval but for who and why next.xt. >> interesting question there.nq plus a proposal to crack down on homelessness in the district is causing controversy and the mayor right smack in the middlec of it all.k of i it's 8:42.
8:43 am
?? ??
8:44 am
?? ?? 8:44 right now allison. you know what that means not only do we get a cool look at44
8:45 am
beautiful blew back drop --rop >> little justin beiber.. >> not only do we get justintin beiber and a look at no so coolc traffic backup. bkup. not only do we get a look at the white house this morning with w the flag -- we're giving the people -- >> with the flag blowing in theg breeze does we're giving people too much goodness.s. >> we get a look at your entiret forecast for the dc region coming up in just 10 seconds. >> just wait 10 seconds. welcome back. wet, warm and windy. that's going to be the themewe to gday.oingda for your wednesday. wed we'll start withne warm as overnight temperatures falling i back only into the 50s andnd believe it or not we can get in upper 60s near 70 later today. y 59 now in washington.ashi 61 leonardtownto.. 63 in off to north and west you y haven't gotten in on the warmhew air the fog has been holdingding tough..
8:46 am
fief tow this morning.or winds not a factor at theninds moment. fog overnight with stillwith stl conditions but i am mentioningti this map because the winds willn pick up out of the south todaytu and that's going to lead to very tropical feeling day out there t particularly with the rainth r showers and the potential for thunderstorms that we have intom the forecast this afternoon.ften live look at your storm trackerk radar heavy band of rain nowf ri developing just to the west ofht the out towards 66.ds gapesville getting in on it.le looks like parts of loudoun county, montgomery county hererh off to the north and westor and getting heavy rain as well. wel just on the north side of the t idea what kind of day we're dayw looking at. lots of clouds, and on again, an off again shower and potential i for thunderstorm activity as this complex moves on through.. again very vigorous cold frontot and pretty strong jet stream ups ahead of it going to push in a a lot of arm tropical very moist air into our area.r intour a something we haven't reallythine talked much about the hav lasttt couple of months so we'll be fof a good soaking rain today withat potential for an inch plus.nch u there we are at noon. noo heaviest of the rain at least o for a time heref midday will pp
8:47 am
the rain showers will be back b and along with it the potential for there we are at a 3:00 o'clock, some thunder storu activity so even through theughe evening rush hour, we'll keep kp showers in the forecast, and the potential for some gusty winds and some downpours particularlyy if you get in on some of thateft thunderstorm activity. keep that in mind here. h storm predict center put us -- u this is rare for the end of november.mber march jay jim risk for severe thunderstorms later primary rstothreat would be gusg winds and downpours thishis afternoon.. 70 today.ay for december or more like lateik fall feel here by tomorrow andra particularly by friday and into your weekend.ureeke daytime highs only about 50.bou5 today 70 enjoy the warm temperatures and dodge the raindrops.nd all right, guys, that's the latest weathght, back to >> tuck, thank you very much.k,a d.c. mr. bowser asking city council to act on proposal tosat crack down on the homelessomeles population in washington, d.c.o, the mayor wants to crack down ow the families who cannot proveano that they are d.c. residents.esn nother she wants immigrants tort prove that they are residentsatr just like anybody else woulde re
8:48 am
law center on homelessness and poverty says the proposal willrl make it more difficult forficu f people in d.c. to get the help l they need. >> if you show up and you say s you're homeless, we basicallyeas have to provide shelter, andlte, when we do that, we may miss the opportunity we put a d.c. familm at the end of the line, um, because we're serving people from other jurisdictions.isdict >> so the bottom line, the mayor's position on this she ths wants d.c. people to get theo g help that the a lawyer for the national lawiol center and homelessness and a poverty says the proposal willil make it tougher for possible too get thugehe help need.elp university police officerivr who killed abdulsi artan is beib called a hero who saved livesiv with his quick actions. aio the officer was on the scenehe within a minute of when the attack began. beg >> talking officer about thekinf ohio state incident. incid cools all over the countrys allt planning for the worst so officers can respond as quicklyi as possible to mass violence. closer to home the university ot maryland now launching newauhing technology just this week togy w
8:49 am
we're getting behind the scenese look. our lindsay watts took a tour.. >> minutes in a case of active shooters.oo minutes cost liveste.. >> the challenge is, getting that call immediately so that we can respond immediately. immedie >> reporter: scenes ofnes of violence have hit close to homeh >> one of the big ones, of oneso course energy the district attr the navy yard.d. couldn't tell where the guy was. until one of the officers gothes hit. >> reporter: the police chieficf his officers to have every toolt possible if there's ever an evea active shooter on campus.. this week the school will start using gun detection technology used in major cities includingdi d.c. d.c. >> the adversary active shootert start to finish is about 122 minutes. on average it takes believe itee or not about two minutes to get a 911 call. this curbs that down to about 30 ndconds.
8:50 am
we can get on the scene faster,f we can save more lives.morees >> reporter: the system is called shot spotter. ser the university has installednsta sensors around campus that would immediately detect gunshots and notify >> the location of where it's happening is depicted on the t map. >> reporter: this is an>> rep example of a map that would good to authorities with app exactxa location and more. >> the technology tell was kindn of gun, count the rounds, howouh >> reporter: the universitynive already has a series of camerass on campus and the chief says s what you see here could be usede in conjunction with the shot spotter technology. t we're not only would police knok exactly where shots were fired,, they'd also have eyes immediately on scene.n scene. >> i think it's great.nkt's i think the university shouldho always probe paired consideringe what happened at ohio state pne there should be precautions b taken. >> reporter: students have some idea of the panicep thaortt
8:51 am
report of a man with a gun that turned out to be an rotc memberm carrying a fake arrival. arr >> i was in the library at ther time and that's usual at a law a is the target because a lot ofot students congregate.. i got scared. scad. >> the university is doing a uni free test of spot shot for sixos months. the chief says beyond that iteyt will be 10 grand year.will the hope is, it will never be needed here. here >> it could very well be that ww seldom ever have that technologg activa technology and we need it to it activate in a timely way to geto us on the scene so we can saveae lives, it's going to be there. e >> reporter: lindsay wattsatts fox5 local news.ew how about this using illegal party drug to treat pstd. the fda moved a step closer to doing just that. agreeing trials of the drug
8:52 am
some experts feel this will increase he can recreational use. >> let's check in with wisdomwih and maureen find out what'snd ot coming up on good day.. tucker barnes has been talkingni about it all day it will be at b wild weather day. d. >> heavy rape possibleossibl thunderstorms we'll have livewel updates through the our twogh hours of good day d.c. also also new at 9a we goa w live to tmz they're working on new details about the health ofh kanye west. west. >> speaking of kanye he's justos one of many celebrities i jn spotlight for dealing with w mental iss but as we know, there's still al stigma especially in thelly t african-american we'll discuss this at 9:15. 95 live in the loft at 10a, it's called office christmas party and stars some of hollywood's hottest stars. stars jennifer aniston, kate mckinnonn jason bateman the directors herr to dish about their laugh a a minute jaw-dropping new film.nel >> plus empire is back tonight at 10:40a we have your exclusivu
8:53 am
plus another big celebrity willi be joining the who is it? the reveal is just ahead.d. diana ross is in town. tow >> what? >> tomorrow night for show atoro the kew nnedyni center. cen good day as her first kind of sort of.. i mean kind of sort of.ortf. watch until the end of good dayo to is he what we're talkingt wea about when i say kind of sort of. >> what, good day d.c. just minutes away.y. >> that's not can i i kind of i >> that's not what diana does. e >> that's not what we're talking about. ab >> maureen, is this going to bee another collection of wisdomis singing diana ross classics.ics. >> ?? >> >> oh, no it's starting. bye ya'll. y come off me paul. pau oh, no. >> see in you a couple ofn you c minutes. >> if you're fan a hunter you'ly be able to pay for thishis experiences. we'll explain how that will work.ill >> dozens of dogs take flight with the help of virgi airlines.
8:54 am
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>> listen, getting heavy rainte, off to the west. i'll show it to you. g 60 in washi'ington.60 up near 70. 70 that's not light rain muchn much that's heavy rain in spots hereh right on the western side of thf beltway out towards tysonsds t corner. 66 vienna thinking ofou working up towards loudounun county montgomery county howardh county all getting in on some se pretty good rains at the moment here. and i'm not seeing any flashesfl of lightning if you're gettingui any let me know if you're seeins thunderstorm activity i'll tweet it out that's a possibility asly well as this frontal systemntyse approaches a little later today. so general we'll keep rain inp ode forecast today. you might a break for an hour or two. t through the the evening rush hour.. and mild temperatures and again let me mention possibility of af thunderstorm this afternoon andd
8:57 am
frort by tomorrow. there's your seven day. d i'll show you the same maps m coming up again in just a minute. >> deep breath. last traffic 8:57 tucker. st s ttirall super jammed upd look at 66 eastbound from two they are to the roosevelt bridgh it will take about an hour andr 11 minutes because of thatecf th congestion. the outer loop and in youryo opinion jams between 66 and lee legion bridge.dge. 50 inbound a crash at thehe beltway. quick look outside top side of s the beltway out by colesville.el still completely jammed and if i you're trying to take eastwest e eastwest highway on the o eastbound side there's a crash s by connecticut.necticut right now from route 1 over too the 270 spur still up against about an hour delay. delay any questions at erin fox5 on twitter. keep it to good day at 9a cominm right up.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
?? rain. mother nature giving us a messy end the mott from fog to t possible thunderstorms, tucker,c is tracking everything she hasie to offer. breaking overnight, the president-elect is stepping bacg from his business.ins. plus new details about thatha dinner with mitt romney and thet latest names donald trump has th added to his cabinet.. closing the door.r. president obama dashing the the hopes of democrats promising his wife will never run for office.c


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